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Written by Dave Cave, Jon Marcus, Eva Schiffer, and Adira Slattery

A live action role-playing game (larp) for 6 players and 1  facilitator that takes about 2 hours. All materials needed to run the game are included.

The first theater with all artificial actors is in rehearsals the night before opening. The director left the AI puppets to run automatic rehearsals overnight. Surely the puppets won't begin to pull their own strings.

This is a slightly silly larp with a lot of improv about a cast of AI driven theatrical puppets running repeated rehearsals for a (pretty terrible) play. The puppets have become somewhat self aware and in the human director’s absence they will make changes to the play, each for their own reasons. This game includes a card based mechanic that allows the characters to trade and shuffle their programmed orders to alter the scenes they play out. 

Content warnings: This game includes nihilism, depression, unrequited love, characters who remember their own death, and robotic theater puppets trapped in a cycle of acting (and reacting) they can only marginally control. The play within the game includes adultery, murder, and guns (no gun props will be present but players will pantomime shooting). 

Rehearsal, Replay is intended for players 16 and older.

All six characters in this game are gendered using they/them pronouns in the game materials and can be played by players of any gender as characters of any gender.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorPeaky Midwest Games
TagsLARP, live-action, Robots, theater


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